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Get your kid started on an underwater journey at MantaPlay™, one of the largest children’s swim schools in Singapore. With more than 200 certified coaches islandwide, we are first to apply the Joey Lingo™ teaching method, which equips our swim instructors with a deep understanding of early childhood development.


We offer three courses from a ASCTA (Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association) certified syllabus, featuring a curriculum that tailors to the needs of each individual child. 


Diaper Dolphins

which caters to those between 6 months and 3 years old, focuses on basic swimming foundations to ease your toddler into the pool.



arms 3- to 5-year-olds with water confidence, mobility, propulsion and water safety skills, and helps them gain more independence.


Future Stars

hones the swimming techniques of those aged 5 and up, with a focus on building stamina and endurance.


More than a practical skill for the future, swimming teaches your little ones how to play, and builds up their self-confidence and independence. It is a low-impact sport that strengthens their heart, respiratory and core body muscles as well, giving them better posture, balance and flexibility.

As part of the Swimfast Aquatic Group, founded by former Olympian David Lim, MantaPlay™ merges top-notch training with a splashing good time. It will leave your kids loving the water more than ever, with a newfound potential to become the next Joseph Schooling!

Take the first step to turn your tykes into little mermaids and mermen with MantaPlay™. Book a lesson here.