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Zhen Da.jpg

teacher zhen da, 21

Energetic, Patient, Positive.

Swimming has always been more than just a sport or a skill to me. In the past, I was a competitive swimmer as well as a life guard with 4 years of experience. Swimming became a lifestyle. I can’t imagine a life without knowing how to swim and I would like to spread this knowledge and passion to as many people as I can. I believe with my love for swimming and my focus on water safety, kids would really thrive in my lessons in a fun, effective, and safe manner.


Teacher NATASHA, 23

Fun, Encouraging, Inspiring.

To teach my students well, I believe that their confidence in me is crucial. Swimming may be a difficult skill to pick up for some, but it can be made easier if my students trust me at every step of their learning journey. Knowing this, I aim to create a fun but firm learning environment to ensure that children look forward to coming for class while also ensuring their safety in the water.


Teacher Zenia, 27

Fun, Passionate, Knowledgeable.

Knowing how to swim is an essential life skill that most of us at one point in life, would want to have because it is not only a survival skill, it is also a common form of exercise and a social activity. Having had 8 years of experience as a competitive swimmer, I’ve gained much insight into the mechanics of every stroke and know the downside of training fatigue, Thus I like to keep lessons fun so that the passion and interest is not lost after each class. I also had prior training in child brain development and I use what I've learnt towards bridging lasting and nurturing bonds with my students.

Lee Yuan Zi B24.jpg

Teacher Stephen, 30

Creative, Fun-loving, Patient.

Being a swimming instructor is so fulfilling! It’s a great joy to impart water skills to more people, helping them to acquire an important survival skill in life. I am very good with kids and I love devising creative new ideas to teach swimming, making it a fun and stress-free environment.