Teachers: East


teacher MINN, 24

Fun, Amiable, Amicable.

I used to be a guitar teacher and I enjoy working with kids, passing down the knowledge that I possess, I also have a strong passion for sports and swimming! When I teach, I make sure my lessons are fun- based and meaningful at the same time. I incorporate the swimming techniques into the games, making it easy for the kids to learn.


teacher CINDY, 35

Friendly, Patient, Vigilant.

I was in the waterpark industry for 10 years as a lifeguard senior executive and lifeguard trainer. I love the water and I strongly believe that everyone should learn swimming as it is an important life skill in terms of fitness, coordination, and survival for all ages. I believe with my experience, I have much to share with my students.


Teacher SIN WEI, 22

Joyful, Friendly, Enthusiastic.

Swimming can be a fun sport enjoyed by everyone of all ages. As a fun-loving individual myself, I’m able to open up easily and get to know children from all sorts of backgrounds. Through our time together, I hope I can spread my passion for swimming and sports with my students and have them see me not just as a teacher but also as a mentor and friend that they can count on.

Xiang Ting.jpg

Teacher xiang ting, 24

Fun, Firm, Passionate.

As a lifeguard, I can only save so many lives, but as a swimming and water safety teacher, I can save so much more! Every student I teach is a life saved. In the pool, I am quite strict when it comes to discipline and water safety. However, I am also a people's person and caring for others is my forte. This is also a quality that I teach my students: not just to swim, but to help others as well.

Chun Chyi B26 icon.jpg

Teacher jerry, 39

Patient, Fun, Passionate.

I love swimming! It’s an essential life skill, but also a great way to have fun and build strength, determination, and other values and skills that are sure to help you both in and out of the water. There’s no greater reward than watching my students grow strong and confident in their own abilities, and seeing them learn to love the water as much as I do!

wenwei feature icon.jpg

Teacher wen wei, 22

Fun, Outgoing, Flexible.

I love interacting with kids. I believe that swimming is a very important lifeskill that everyone should be proficient in and I am passionate in imparting this skill to as many people as possible. Teaching swimming is one of the rare jobs in which I can explore my passion while expanding my career at the same time. I am currently a lifeguard at Sentosa and whenever I can, I try to participate in various swim events. I am also a bodybuilder and as such, I like to spread the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle to my students.


Teacher JOELLE, 28

Dedicated, Committed, Passionate.

I love the water and I emphasise strongly on water safety. I am patient when giving instructions to my students. I am empathetic towards my student's mood for the day, and prefer to look at things with a positive mindset. I believe in having a good attitude towards learning, and I look forward to meeting you/your kids in the pool!

Glen Ng B27.jpg

Teacher Glen, 21

Fun, Motivational, Persistent.

In addition to my love of swimming, becoming an instructor allows me to impact the children I teach in order to determine the outcome of all of our future athletes. I prioritise happiness in learning over compulsion. Children that enjoy swimming will learn better and work harder to become their very best!


teacher ivan, 20

Calm, Caring, Confident .

I think swimming is an essential survival skill to have at any level and any age. I love being in the water and I treasure the opportunity to be able to impart my knowledge of swimming and water safety to others. I love to see people grow and develop as they learn new ways to refine their skills and have fun in the water. I'm confident that I will be able to make lessons exciting and engaging for your child to enjoy swimming!


Teacher Swee Ann, 18

Passionate, Empowering, Attentive.

I love playing with children and many have told me that I have a way with young ones! Swimming has been a part of my life ever since I was a toddler and I aspire to be a teacher that not only caters to each and every ones of my students’ athletic goals, but also develops genuine relationships with my little swimmers through fun and engaging lessons. Nothing brings me greater joy than to see the smiles of children having a splashing good time in the pool! With my passion for aquatics, I believe that I can bring out every child’s hidden potential in swimming.

Melvin B26 Bio.jpg

Teacher melvin, 39

Competent, Committed, Nurturing.

I take great pride in building up and improving one’s swim proficiency in a progressive and enjoyable manner. Every swim lesson, I employ appropriate training methods to bring out the best in every individual. Each swim journey will build up the confidence of the learner through their strengthened and disciplined character, which can be made possible with regular communication and constructive feedback. 

jinghong feature icon.jpg

Teacher jing hong, 25

Passionate, Fun-loving, Patient.

I used to teach sports to toddlers and children and that was when I discovered what I really wanted to do with my life. Looking at the progression and smiles from all the kids just gives me a great sense of joy. With my experience and passion in teaching and working with children, I am confident in bringing a fun-filled and meaningful experience to all my swimming lessons.

Freddy B29 Bio.jpg

Teacher freddy, 28

Responsible, Fun-loving, Engaging.

I think swimming is a wonderful hobby, and I am passionate in imparting that knowledge to my students. More than just a form of exercise, swimming is a crucial life-saving skill which instills dedication and perseverance in children. Every lesson is customised to the child’s pace of learning and made fun and engaging! With my patience and attention to detail, I will ensure that children learn in a safe environment and master the right techniques.

Kenny B26 Bio.jpeg

Teacher kenny, 30

Friendly, Motivated, Determined.

I believe that being able to swim is an important skill and children should be taught to be water-safe and confident from a young age. As a lifeguard, I was taught to have a strong sense of awareness, alertness and to have an eye for detail. Together with my love, motivation and patience towards children, I strongly believe that I can impart good strong swimming mechanics to your child through a fun and enjoyable environment.

Winndy B30 Bio.jpg

teacher winndy, 23

Adventurous, Friendly, Generous.

I love sports because I love to stay on the move! I especially love water sports because knowing how to swim is not just a fun activity, it's also an important life skill. Being a swimming teacher gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment, especially when a learner under my guidance manages to overcome their fear and swim a stroke well :) I love having fun and helping others, and I can't wait to do the same with you and/or your child as your swimming teacher!

Ivan B30 Bio.jpg

teacher ivan, 33

Fun, Cheerful, Disciplined.

I love water, I love playing, I love water sports and I love teaching. In teaching swimming, I get all of the above. I want to advocate water safety, teaching people about it just as I did for my own children. I'll treat students as my own, making sure they enjoy learning, playing, and doing sports at the same time, with their safety as my number one priority.