When there are Questions, Here’s our FAQ!



+ What is MantaPlay™?

MantaPlay™ is a web platform that matches prospective students to qualified swimming and water safety teachers.

+ Do I need a subscription to use MantaPlay™?

No, you don't! Just drop us a message or a call to find the perfect swimming teacher for your child.


For Parents

+ Why should I use MantaPlay™?

MantaPlay™ provides you with an easy and convenient platform to find the perfect swimming and water safety teachers for your child. Our Joey Lingo™-trained swim teachers are well-versed in interacting with kids in a fun, friendly, yet firm manner.

+ What is Joey Lingo™?

Joey Lingo™ is a child development training programme that equips swimming teachers with the skills to communicate exercises effectively to a child, build up their confidence in the water, and ensure everything is done in a safe space.

The first and only course in the world that integrates early childhood education with swimming techniques, it focuses on helping babies and toddlers develop motor and coordination skills, as well as physical strength and stamina through swimming.

+ Is MantaPlay™ certified?

Yes. MantaPlay™ is affiliated to the Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association (ASCTA) and Swim Australia™. Our lesson plans are ASCTA-approved, so rest assured that your children are receiving top-grade training from an internationally accredited school of teaching.

+ Are our teachers certified?

Yes. Every one of our swim teachers are graduates of the Swimming Teacher Institute, and have each undergone the Swim Australia™ teaching course by ASCTA, as well as the Joey Lingo™ training programme.

+ Is there an age limit for our classes?

No, there is not! MantaPlay™ mainly caters to children aged 0 to 5 and above. The Diaper Dolphin course is for infants between 6 months and 3 years old, the SwimTots course is for 3- to 5-year-olds, and the Future Stars course is for those aged 5 and above. Our teachers can also teach adults, so dont hesitate if you are interested.

+ How many students will there be in each class?

The size of a class mainly ranges from one (1) to six (6) students.

+ Are lesson fees be cheaper for a bigger group of students?

Yes. The more students there are in a class, the cheaper the fees will be.

+ When can I enrol my child?

You can enrol anytime. Drop us a message or a call to find a teacher that can match your schedule!

+ Where will the lessons be held?

Lessons are typically held at private swimming pools -- condominiums, private housing, etc. If you live in a condominium or a house with a private pool, lessons will be held there. For HDB residents, special arrangements can be made for your child, please drop a message to find out more.

+ How many lessons do I have to sign my child up for?

You can choose to purchase your lessons in packages of 4 or 12. (Do note that the terms and conditions for your child's lessons vary according to which package you choose to purchase.)

+ Can I make payments in cash or cheque?

MantaPlay™ accepts all payments )annual fees, course fees, and assessment fees) via cash payments, bank transfers or PayNow/PayLah transactions.

+ How do I get started?

You could fill up this form to provide us with information to get your child started on their swimming journey!. Alternatively, you could also visit our teachers page to view our ever-growing list of certified swim teachers and choose one for your child.


For Swim Coaches

+ If I’m currently or was previously a swimming coach, how do I become a MantaPlay™ Partner?

You will have to be fully trained under the ASCTA Baby and Toddler and Swim Australia Teacher Courses, and also complete the mandatory Joey Lingo™ course. Module exemptions will be made in areas that you’re qualified in, proof of qualifications will be needed during the pre-admission interview. For more information, get in touch with us at +65 8339 0048 or hello@mantaplay.asia.