Teachers: North


Teacher aaron, 21

Fun, Loving, Focused.

To me, swimming isn’t just a sport, it’s a life-saving skill as well. With the experience that I have, I will be able to help each student thrive in the pool and ensure that they learn in a safe environment. I hope to give students an awesome time in the pool by focusing on giving each of them the attention they need to learn at their best.


Teacher SHEENA, 26

Fun, Bubbly, Friendly. 

Nothing is as relaxing and freeing as being in the water! Whether I'm swimming or just splashing around, it always brings me a special kind of joy, one that I love sharing with others. I also have plenty of experience with caring for children, and with my abilities and love for them, I'm confident I can gain your child's trust and be a competent, faithful guide for them as they take their first steps into the pool!


Teacher Frances, 40

Creative, Active, Positive.

I have about 5 years of experience in teaching, and I love being able to guide others, to share my skills and knowledge with them. I'm passionate about keeping fit and staying active, and I especially love being outdoors and in the sun! I'm also able to conduct swimming lessons at flexible timings, so as to cater to clients with busy schedules.


teacher don, 29

Easygoing, Friendly, Positive.

Swimming is a valuable skill that stays with an individual for life. I enjoy swimming and, more so, I love teaching swimming to others -- coaching them and imparting important knowledge and skills to them, and instilling confidence in them with everything they learn. I will go the extra mile to ensure my students enjoy their swim lessons with me by introducing fun elements so that they are able to fully engaged with every part of their classes!

Jeryl B31 Bio.jpg

teacher jeryl, 20

Positive, Motivated, Dedicated.

Hi! My name is Jeryl and I'm currently a competitive LifeSaving swimmer. All my life, I've absolutely loved being in the water, and this led to my decision of teaching swimming and water safety to share my passion with others, and also to potentially save lives through teaching this valuable knowledge. I have worked with students of all ages, from pre-elementary kids through to adulthood, and I specialise in teaching complete beginners, as well as stroke techniques and refinement. I love to help people and I love forging positive connections with others. If you are interested in learning to swim for yourself or your children, I would love to be your Personal Swimming and Water Safety Teacher!

Dennis B29 Bio.jpg

teacher dennis, 29

Easy-going, Ambitious, Reliable.

I originally got into teaching swimming as a way to improve my confidence and communication skills, but to my joy, I quickly discovered that I absolutely love working with children! They're always honest, creative, and full of energy, and interacting with them is always a fun experience for me. I value patience as a big part of teaching and engaging with children, in order to help them be their very best. A positive attitude goes a long way, and I believe that when my students see my genuine care for their welfare and progress, it helps them develop a positive learning attitude of their own!

caroline bio crop.jpg

teacher caroline, 36

Patient, Creative, Passionate.

Swimming is a skill that I treasure, a unique form of physical activity that gives you both a sense of calm and focus, all at the same time. My goal is to help my students find this same calm and focus through swimming, helping them to build their confidence and a strong foundation of swimming and water safety skills. I'm a strong believer in creating an effective learning environment for my learners, based on trust, fun and, most importantly, safety.

Yugan B28 Bio 2.jpg

teacher yugan, 31

Driven, Steady, Joyful.

Moulding great leaders through experiential learning is my dream. Enjoying what I teach and how I can inspire my students each day is what motivates me. I strongly believe that swimming is not only a sport; it also imparts essential knowledge of water safety and helps us to maintain a fit, healthy lifestyle!