Instructors: Central

Zhen Da.jpg

teacher zhen da, 21

Energetic, Patient, Positive.

Swimming has always been more than just a sport or a skill to me. In the past, I was a competitive swimmer as well as a life guard with 4 years of experience. Swimming became a lifestyle. I can’t imagine a life without knowing how to swim and I would like to spread this knowledge and passion to as many people as I can. I believe with my love for swimming and my focus on water safety, kids would really thrive in my lessons in a fun, effective, and safe manner.


teacher william, 26

Fun, Firm, Understanding.

When I was young, I had a deep fear of swimming. That all changed when I met my coach in my teenage years, who guided me through my struggles with humour and patience. He showed me the importance of these qualities through his teachings and even groomed me to become a lifeguard eventually. As a teacher now, I hope to share my passion for swimming with the students using the very same qualities that got me through my fear.


Teacher NATASHA, 23

Fun, Encouraging, Inspiring.

To teach my students well, I believe that their confidence in me is crucial. Swimming may be a difficult skill to pick up for some, but it can be made easier if my students trust me at every step of their learning journey. Knowing this, I aim to create a fun but firm learning environment to ensure that children look forward to coming for class while also ensuring their safety in the water.

Firdaus B19 icon.jpg

Teacher firdaus, 34

Funerific, Intuitive, Reliable.

Join me as we dive into swimming together! I am passionate in imparting knowledge and bringing out the best in every student's ability. I have experience teaching lifeskills (leadership/motivation) and am also an avid scuba diver who holds a Rescue Driver rating and a National Geographic Diver Certification by PADI. With my passion, knowledge, and experience, I believe I can make a real difference in your children's lives.

Rachael B26.jpg


Confident, Dedicated, Energetic.

The pool is the place where I feel most comfortable in. Given my experiences gleaned from years of competitive swimming, I understand that every individual swimmer is unique. As such, I customise my teaching pedagogies to the individuals so that they are able to learn and develop their swimming skills to their potential within the shortest possible time. I keep all my swim lessons focused and engaging as a form of motivation and it brings me joy to see my students enjoy and excel in their swimming.

See Eng Sheng B13 icon.jpg

Teacher Eng sheng, 26

Patient, Passionate, Understanding.

I believe that swimming is an important survival skill, and one that should be taught from a young age at that. With the knowledge and skills that I’ve picked up over the years as an educator, I have the patience necessary to understand each child and motivate them individually. Through my time with my students, I hope to teach them swimming in a holistic way where they will also learn important life lessons that will serve them well.

Chee Yuen B5 icon.jpg

Teacher chee yuen, 32

Funny, Friendly, Fabulous.

I believe that children have great potential for learning and through songs, games and warm words of encouragement, that potential within each of them can be unleashed. I will do my best to make every lesson fun and exciting while also ensuring that my students stay safe in the pool.

Qing Ying B13 icon.jpg

Teacher qing ying, 28

Funny, Enthusiastic, Firm.

I love teaching and spending time with others, helping them to learn what I’ve already learned, especially when it comes to young children. Their endless curiosity and natural optimism never fails to inspire me and make my day! I look forward to sharing my zest for life with your child through swimming!


Teacher Zenia, 27

Fun, Passionate, Knowledgeable.

Knowing how to swim is an essential life skill that most of us at one point in life, would want to have because it is not only a survival skill, it is also a common form of exercise and a social activity. Having had 8 years of experience as a competitive swimmer, I’ve gained much insight into the mechanics of every stroke and know the downside of training fatigue, Thus I like to keep lessons fun so that the passion and interest is not lost after each class. I also had prior training in child brain development and I use what I've learnt towards bridging lasting and nurturing bonds with my students.

Lee Yuan Zi B24.jpg

Teacher Stephen, 30

Creative, Fun-loving, Patient.

Being a swimming instructor is so fulfilling! It’s a great joy to impart water skills to more people, helping them to acquire an important survival skill in life. I am very good with kids and I love devising creative new ideas to teach swimming, making it a fun and stress-free environment.

Nigel B25.jpg

Teacher Nigel, 21

Positive, Trustworthy, Enthusiastic.

I have been swimming ever since I was 5, and competitively since I was 10. I love swimming, and I even have a few medals under my belt, having participated in various inter-school championships and represented Singapore in a few aged group competitions such as South East Asian and Asian Age Group Swimming Championships, as well as the ASEAN School Games. I believe I am able to pass on my knowledge of swimming to younger aspiring swimmers, and give your child the guidance they need to go far in this sport.

Tricia Teo B4 Bio.jpg

Teacher Tricia, 47

Passionate, Patient, Loving.

Hi, I'm Teacher Tricia. As a mother, I have a good understanding of how to handle and relate to children. Providing the right teaching methodology is vital for their learning journey, as is learning the proper techniques and skills so they can achieve their potential. Learning to swim should be a holistic experience, with a healthy dose of fun and enjoyment. I hope to work hand in hand with my students’ parents to contribute to their growth and character development. My philosophy for teaching kids is this: With passion, they enjoy. With patience, they learn. With love, they build confidence. 

Bryan B25.jpg

teacher bryan, 26

Dedicated, Patient, Committed.

Having always felt more comfortable in the water than on land, being a swim teacher brings great joy to me. Basic swimming and water safety are life skills that anyone, especially children, can learn very easily with a bit of help. I believe in helping my students to harness proper swimming skills with nurturing patience, teaching them to develop confidence in themselves, a positive attitude towards learning, and perseverance towards their goals!

Amber Woo B20 Bio.jpg

teacher amber, 51

Caring, Observant, Reassuring.

I love interacting with others, especially in an activity like swimming which contributes to a person's character building, health and fitness, social skills, and emotional development. Most of all, swimming is FUN! I am dedicated, patient, and I work well with individuals of various capabilities and diverse temperaments. Each one of us is special and unique, and I believe that each one of us can acquire the skills to swim!

Tan Kwok Hwee Colin B29 Bio.jpeg

teacher colin, 45

Enthusiastic, Adaptable, Trustworthy.

Swimming has been an integral part of my life for years. It has moulded me into an enthusiastic swimmer and sportsperson, and taught me the importance of water confidence and water safety. I enjoy participating in local and overseas endurance competitions to challenge myself. I believe that swimming is a lifetime skill set that we should develop and cultivate during one’s younger years. As a parent and certified Life Guard, I am excited to impart my skill set, share my knowledge and kindle a joyful excitement for swimming in my students.


Instructors: West


teacher Nazri, 36

Approachable, Cultured, Cheerful.

Self-confidence is very important, and swimming can be a great way to build that up in children. For me, there is no greater joy than to watch a child thrive and achieve various milestones in the pool. As a father of 3 confident young swimmers, I am tuned in to the needs of younger students. This allows me to comfortably teach them this essential life skill that I believe everyone should pick up.


Teacher shana, 24

Patient, Encouraging, Attentive.

Swimming is as important as walking! I love being in the water. It is an amazing feeling and I would really like to share that joy with you. I will be your swim buddy and the support you need to be a dolphin in the water! I try to understand each student as best as I can and I will adapt the class to make it enjoyable for you!


Teacher max, 38

Cheerful, Patient, Empowering.

To me, swimming is about empowering my students to do their best in the pool. Having taken care of 3 children of my own, that means being positive and understanding of each student’s individual needs while ensuring that they have a good time as they learn.

Asmika B14 icon.jpg

Teacher asmika, 21

Compassionate, Calm, Creative.

I love and enjoy every opportunity by the water and would be overjoyed to share this joy with others. Ever optimistic and empathetic to students' points of view, I'm able to adapt to various situations and seamlessly incorporate learning into fun activities.

Sng Jing An B21 icon.jpg

Teacher jing an, 21

Passionate, Meticulous, Patient. 

Swimming doesn’t just maintain my health and physical fitness, it’s also my favourite way to relieve stress! I believe without a doubt that swimming is a vital lifeskill that everyone should be equipped with. I’m excited to pass on my passion for swimming to my students! I’m certain that they will grow to love it as much as I do!

Eunice Thong B25.jpg

Teacher Eunice, 21

Patient, Dedicated, Flexible.

Hi, I'm Eunice! I’ve always been passionate about swimming and getting to teach this life skill to children and watching them progress in the water is really satisfying and special to me. I am passionate about working with students to help them achieve their goals and even though I am a qualified swimming instructor, I will continue to learn and adapt to different teaching environments. On top of providing fun and engaging lessons for my students, I'm committed to ensuring the safety of your child in the water. You can be assured that your child is in good hands with me!


Teacher Kamil, 34

Dedicated, Motivational, Patient.

I love teaching a life skill that I firmly believe everyone should know how to do. I love taking the time to get to know my students, to communicate with them and fully understand their strengths and weaknesses in water. I believe that everyone has different learning curves, and patience is really an important factor in teaching. It's the greatest feeling to see my students learning to swim and become confident in the water with my guidance. I show my students that learning to swim is a fun experience to be enjoyed and not feared, often reminding them that "Water is our friend."

“My son started as a complete beginner but his learning has been accelerated by Teacher Kamil’s patience and professionalism. Evidently, Teacher Kamil incorporates techniques suitable for early childhood education into every lesson and my son is learning so much from him! Thank you MantaPlay™ ❤” - Esther


Teacher LYNN, 41

Focused, Attentive, Engaging.

I’m a believer of lifelong learning through fun and laughter. Coaching is not all about imparting skills but also developing self confidence and unleashing individuals’ potentials. As a parent, I understand the needs of children and value the time spent with them. It is a joy to see children grow and be confident of themselves. Their smiles always give me a sense of fulfilment and motivates me as a coach.

“Lynn is very patient in teaching my son during his swimming lesson. He is now more confident when he is in the pool. He is also looking forward to his next lesson.” - Fiona

“My 5yo twin boys used to be afraid of the water. After only 4 lessons under Lynn, they are now much more confident when in the pool. Lynn’s patience and understanding for kids, other than her interesting ways of teaching my boys (using toys & props), are key contributors to my boys’ growing confidence.” - Kelvin

Sean Chua B25.jpg

teacher sean, 21

Patient, Outgoing, Enthusiastic.

I believe that swimming is an essential skill for everyone, and as someone who used to swim competitively, my personal goal is to put my knowledge to good use through teaching others. I strive to understand each of my students’ unique needs as best as I can, so that I can tailor my lessons to make them as effective as possible for your child, while also ensuring that they are both fun and organised for easy learning.

Gan Wan Ling B3 icon.jpg

Teacher wan ling, 19

Patient, Enthusiastic, Flexible.

I am passionate about building good relationships and dedicated to teaching swimming, something I deeply enjoy. I strive to bring high levels of energy to each class and to adapt my class to each student and group to make it as fun as possible for everyone.

Lam Kwang Siang B25 Bio.jpg

Teacher Kwang Siang, 21

Lovable, Knowledgeable, Sincere.

I believe in the importance of water safety and, I think it's important for everyone to be equipped with the skill sets they need to be confident of themselves in the water. I have a special heart for children, and it's truly a happy honour for me to be able to teach them what I've learned and experienced of my time as a swimmer. I see kids as my friends, friends whom I'm dedicated and committed to helping as much as I'm able to.

Simon Yee Bio.jpeg


Passionate, Committed, Loving.

I see swimming as an important life skill that everyone should have, especially children, as there is no compromise for water safety. I am eager to get more people to learn and love this sports, and the great health benefits that it can bring. Having started swimming at a young age, I deeply understand the challenges that children at different age groups would face and how best to get them motivated to love learning this sports. I am always eager to connect with my students to help them maximise their interest and learning potential. 

Bryan Xie B29 Bio.jpeg

teacher bryan, 34

Caring, Patient, Dedicated.

As a patient and dedicated swim teacher, I provide a safe and supportive environment for my learners to grow and develop their swimming technique. My goal with each lesson is to impart to my students an essential life skill, as well as educate them on water safety.

Bervyn B27 Bio.jpeg

teacher bervyn, 27

Dedicated, Hardworking, Fun.

I love swimming and I love sharing it with others! Nothing is as satisfying as seeing a student of mine picking up a new skill in the water, or seeing their parents glowing with pride as they watch their child grow stronger and more confident in their abilities. I look forward to working together with you and your child to create a fun and constructive environment for learning!

tabitha feature icon.jpg

teacher tabitha, 23

Fun, Enthusiastic, Awesome.

I love teaching and playing with kids, especially the younger ones! I believe that in order for these cutie pies to learn, they have to be in a positive setting. So, I create this setting by putting in a lot of fun, games and laughter into my classes! I believe in every child’s potential and I strive to bring out this potential with patience and encouragement. This style has proved very effective and I’ve seen tremendous improvements in all my students. Even those who started off with water phobia are now swimming like little fishes, and that gives me so much joy.

WeiYue B27 Bio.jpg

teacher weiyue, 24

Attentive, Cheerful, Encouraging.

When I was young, I nearly drowned, and I decided to take up swimming after that incident. As I grew older, I realised the importance of knowing how to swim, and I would hence like to impart my knowledge and skills to others, while raising awareness on being safe in the water. I am attentive to details and I love playing with kids, so I will provide a safe yet fun environment for children to learn in.

Yugan B28 Bio.jpg

teacher yugan, 31

Driven, Steady, Joyful.

Moulding great leaders through experiential learning is my dream. Enjoying what I teach and to inspire others is what motivates me. I strongly believe that swimming is not simply a sport, it also serves the purpose of a connection to a healthy lifestyle.



Instructors: North


Teacher aaron, 21

Fun, Loving, Focused.

To me, swimming isn’t just a sport, it’s a life-saving skill as well. With the experience that I have, I will be able to help each student thrive in the pool and ensure that they learn in a safe environment. I hope to give students an awesome time in the pool by focusing on giving each of them the attention they need to learn at their best.


Teacher SHEENA, 26

Fun, Bubbly, Friendly. 

Nothing is as relaxing and freeing as being in the water! Whether I'm swimming or just splashing around, it always brings me a special kind of joy, one that I love sharing with others. I also have plenty of experience with caring for children, and with my abilities and love for them, I'm confident I can gain your child's trust and be a competent, faithful guide for them as they take their first steps into the pool!

Tay Jia Jia.jpg

teacher jia jia, 29

Patient, Friendly, Outgoing.

I enjoy the company of children and love teaching young ones, even as a part-time tuition teacher. Their laughter and energy really motivates me to continue doing my best to help them. Whatever age they may be, I will go out of my way to ensure that my students feel comfortable swimming with me through constant encouragement, patience, and understanding.

Kris B14 icon.jpg

teacher kris, 41

Joyful, Outgoing, Friendly.

I’m a proud mother of two bubbly kids, as well as an ex Police Officer who loves water sports and outdoor adventure. My years of competitive dragon boating and biathlon experience solidifies my result driven performance. I am passionate in imparting my knowledge and skill in swimming to my students through fun, engaging games and activities.

Hadi B14 icon.jpg

Teacher hadi, 47

Energetic, Meticulous, Friendly. 

I’m a dad to 2 bubbly kids, and I’m also an extreme sports athlete who is passionate in imparting skills and knowledge in outdoor survival and water safety techniques. My years of fun interactive kids confidence coaching has made me a natural swim coach for kids and their development in a variety of sports.


Teacher Frances, 40

Creative, Active, Positive.

I have about 5 years of experience in teaching, and I love being able to guide others, to share my skills and knowledge with them. I'm passionate about keeping fit and staying active, and I especially love being outdoors and in the sun! I'm also able to conduct swimming lessons at flexible timings, so as to cater to clients with busy schedules.

Calvin Yap B26.jpg

Teacher Calvin, 25

Nurturing, Gentle, Firm.

Having had bad experiences with the water myself, I've learned to overcome them by equipping myself with water safety and swimming skills, and I'm excited to be able to impart these skills to others! I'm passionate about helping kids and adults get over their fear of the water and guiding them to explore this excellent form of exercise. I aim to be not only a teacher, but also a friend that my students can look forward to seeing every week, with the anticipation that they will be able learn something new to improve themselves.

Olivia B23.jpg

teacher olivia, 19

Warm, Patient, Skilled.

I’ve always loved swimming, and I firmly believe it’s a life skill everyone should be equipped with, even if it's just knowing what to do if they should fall into water! I am able to modify lessons according to your child’s abilities, so that they will not only be able to learn useful skills in a fun and safe environment, but also establish a good relationship with the water over time. I love watching my students grow to become proud of themselves when they see how far they've come, and I look forward to making a positive impact on your child’s life!


teacher adam, 28

Patient, Perseverant, Progressive.

As a swimming teacher, I always strive to go the extra mile for my young learners. I take pride in teaching and believe that my teaching philosophy and personality will help inspire and nurture my students to the best they can be. Swimming is not just a sport, it’s also a life skill that not only helps to save lives, but helps to build strong character and a healthy competitive spirit in each of us. I make sure to emphasise a lot on pool and water safety, so that you can rest assured that your kids are in good hands.


Instructors: North-East


teacher Nicholas, 19

Encouraging, Friendly, Committed.

I love playing with children. It brings me great joy to see them happy; and that's my goal! I believe all children should be water safe but at the same time, enjoy playing in it as well! I am passionate about what I do and I push for the best for the children. I believe only the  best should be offered to them and I will give all that I have to the best of my abilities.

Edwin B13 icon.jpg

teacher edwin, 42

Joyful, Outgoing, Friendly.

Swimming is a life skill that students of all ages can pick up and I believe that I have the skills and experience to bring them along on this learning journey. Being a father of 3 kids of my own, I know what motivates at different stages of their lives. This has helped me shape my coaching methods to each student by taking time to understand their individual learning needs.

qingwei feature icon.jpg

Teacher qing wei, 24

Patient, Confident, Engaging.

I have been working as a relief teacher and swim coach for many years. I love my job as I strongly believe in work-life balance and constantly improving myself while still imparting knowledge to the younger generation. With my experience in teaching children of various age groups, I am able to incorporate comfortable, fun and interactive activities into my lessons.

Henry B17 icon.jpg

Teacher HENRY, 47

Patient, Fun-Loving, Committed.

Swimming is a beautiful sport, and one that I am very passionate about. Having brought up 2 children myself, I understand the unique challenges of teaching young children at each stage of their lives. Through progressive learning objectives, I strive to impart swimming skills to my students safely. I am also dedicated to creating a fun and conducive environment for my students so that they enjoy themselves whenever they’re in the pool.


Teacher Cheryl, 21

Gentle, Patient, Quirky.

I love children and it gives me great joy to be able to impart my knowledge of swimming and water safety to them. Beginners and newbies need special support and attention, and I'm confident that with patience and understanding, I can reassure and empower my students to make their first foray into the underwater world of swimming a triumphant one!


Teacher sandy, 45

Patient, Passionate, Playful.

I’m a former tutor who loves teaching because when my students overcome difficulties and make progress, I feel a great sense of achievement. I decided to take my skills to the swimming pool because I believe that swimming saves lives! Every child can learn to swim, regardless of age and ability. I also understand that different kids progress at different paces, so I endeavour to be patient at all times and celebrate every bit of progress with my students. I strive to keep my classes playful and fun, so that every little face is always smiling in my class!

Kathleen Ang B27.jpg

Teacher Kathleen, 43

Fun, Sporty, Flexible.

I love swimming and I want to impart that knowledge to non-swimmers, young and old. I'm a patient person, and I think that helps me to teach effectively. Being a mum of 3, I know how to nurture a child in their growing years, and how to translate that knowledge to teaching adults as well. It's so satisfying to see my students growing in self-confidence and self-esteem as they grow in strength and knowledge both in and out of the water.

Kai Jun B27 Bio.jpeg

teacher kai jun, 23

Caring, Patient, Professional.

I love swimming and I love sharing it with others! Nothing is as satisfying as seeing a student of mine picking up a new skill in the water, or seeing their parents glowing with pride as they watch their child grow stronger and more confident in their abilities. I look forward to working together with you and your child to create a fun and constructive environment for learning!

peter feature icon.jpg

teacher peter, 43

Safe, Engaging, Fun.

I love teaching and coaching, so being a swim coach enables me to do what I enjoy most. I also believe that swimming is an essential skill that everyone should possess. Children or adults alike should be water safe and confident. I make sure that my students go home learning something useful every week and that they always return looking forward to the next lesson.


Instructors: East


teacher MINN, 24

Fun, Amiable, Amicable.

I used to be a guitar teacher and I enjoy working with kids, passing down the knowledge that I possess, I also have a strong passion for sports and swimming! When I teach, I make sure my lessons are fun- based and meaningful at the same time. I incorporate the swimming techniques into the games, making it easy for the kids to learn.


teacher CINDY, 35

Friendly, Patient, Vigilant.

I was in the waterpark industry for 10 years as a lifeguard senior executive and lifeguard trainer. I love the water and I strongly believe that everyone should learn swimming as it is an important life skill in terms of fitness, coordination, and survival for all ages. I believe with my experience, I have much to share with my students.


Teacher SIN WEI, 22

Joyful, Friendly, Enthusiastic.

Swimming can be a fun sport enjoyed by everyone of all ages. As a fun-loving individual myself, I’m able to open up easily and get to know children from all sorts of backgrounds. Through our time together, I hope I can spread my passion for swimming and sports with my students and have them see me not just as a teacher but also as a mentor and friend that they can count on.

Xiang Ting.jpg

Teacher xiang ting, 24

Fun, Firm, Passionate.

As a lifeguard, I can only save so many lives, but as a swimming and water safety teacher, I can save so much more! Every student I teach is a life saved. In the pool, I am quite strict when it comes to discipline and water safety. However, I am also a people's person and caring for others is my forte. This is also a quality that I teach my students: not just to swim, but to help others as well.

Chun Chyi B26 icon.jpg

Teacher jerry, 39

Patient, Fun, Passionate.

I love swimming! It’s an essential life skill, but also a great way to have fun and build strength, determination, and other values and skills that are sure to help you both in and out of the water. There’s no greater reward than watching my students grow strong and confident in their own abilities, and seeing them learn to love the water as much as I do!

wenwei feature icon.jpg

Teacher wen wei, 22

Fun, Outgoing, Flexible.

I love interacting with kids. I believe that swimming is a very important lifeskill that everyone should be proficient in and I am passionate in imparting this skill to as many people as possible. Teaching swimming is one of the rare jobs in which I can explore my passion while expanding my career at the same time. I am currently a lifeguard at Sentosa and whenever I can, I try to participate in various swim events. I am also a bodybuilder and as such, I like to spread the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle to my students.


Teacher JOELLE, 28

Dedicated, Committed, Passionate.

I love the water and I emphasise strongly on water safety. I am patient when giving instructions to my students. I am empathetic towards my student's mood for the day, and prefer to look at things with a positive mindset. I believe in having a good attitude towards learning, and I look forward to meeting you/your kids in the pool!

Glen Ng B27.jpg

Teacher Glen, 21

Fun, Motivational, Persistent.

In addition to my love of swimming, becoming an instructor allows me to impact the children I teach in order to determine the outcome of all of our future athletes. I prioritise happiness in learning over compulsion. Children that enjoy swimming will learn better and work harder to become their very best!


teacher ivan, 20

Calm, Caring, Confident .

I think swimming is an essential survival skill to have at any level and any age. I love being in the water and I treasure the opportunity to be able to impart my knowledge of swimming and water safety to others. I love to see people grow and develop as they learn new ways to refine their skills and have fun in the water. I'm confident that I will be able to make lessons exciting and engaging for your child to enjoy swimming!


Teacher Swee Ann, 18

Passionate, Empowering, Attentive.

I love playing with children and many have told me that I have a way with young ones! Swimming has been a part of my life ever since I was a toddler and I aspire to be a teacher that not only caters to each and every ones of my students’ athletic goals, but also develops genuine relationships with my little swimmers through fun and engaging lessons. Nothing brings me greater joy than to see the smiles of children having a splashing good time in the pool! With my passion for aquatics, I believe that I can bring out every child’s hidden potential in swimming.

Melvin B26 Bio.jpg

Teacher melvin, 39

Competent, Committed, Nurturing.

I take great pride in building up and improving one’s swim proficiency in a progressive and enjoyable manner. Every swim lesson, I employ appropriate training methods to bring out the best in every individual. Each swim journey will build up the confidence of the learner through their strengthened and disciplined character, which can be made possible with regular communication and constructive feedback. 

jinghong feature icon.jpg

Teacher jing hong, 25

Passionate, Fun-loving, Patient.

I used to teach sports to toddlers and children and that was when I discovered what I really wanted to do with my life. Looking at the progression and smiles from all the kids just gives me a great sense of joy. With my experience and passion in teaching and working with children, I am confident in bringing a fun-filled and meaningful experience to all my swimming lessons.

Freddy B29 Bio.jpg

Teacher freddy, 28

Responsible, fun-loving, engaging.

I think swimming is a wonderful hobby, and I am passionate in imparting that knowledge to my students. More than just a form of exercise, swimming is a crucial life-saving skill which instills dedication and perseverance in children. Every lesson is customised to the child’s pace of learning and made fun and engaging! With my patience and attention to detail, I will ensure that children learn in a safe environment and master the right techniques.

Kenny B26 Bio.jpeg

Teacher kenny, 30

Friendly, Motivated, Determined.

I believe that being able to swim is an important skill and children should be taught to be water-safe and confident from a young age. As a lifeguard, I was taught to have a strong sense of awareness, alertness and to have an eye for detail. Together with my love, motivation and patience towards children, I strongly believe that I can impart good strong swimming mechanics to your child through a fun and enjoyable environment.