MantaPlay Partners


Are you a passionate swimming instructor? Do you love interacting with babies and toddlers? Hop aboard as a Manta Partner today!


What is a MantaPlay™ Partner?

We are constantly on the lookout for passionate and driven swimming teachers. By becoming a Manta Partner, you’ll gain access to the region’s largest pool of prospective swim students!


Why You Should Join Us


1. Access to a steady stream of students

Through MantaPlay™, you’ll gain access to an increasingly large pool of students. The app (coming soon) also includes lesson management features, allowing you to send group messages and input test results easily. This will minimise administrative burdens, and free you up to focus on teaching.


2. Manage your own schedule

As a Manta Partner, you’ll have complete autonomy over your teaching schedule. You’ll be your own boss, and have the freedom to plan as many classes as you want around your personal timetable, set your own targets, and manage your own operations.


3. Top-notch training

Partnered with ASCTA and Swim Australia™, you will receive specialised training that will equip you with the proper skills to guide and groom young swimmers. This includes Joey Lingo™, the only programme in the world that integrates early childhood education with swimming techniques.


How to Join Us

You will have to be fully trained under the ASCTA Baby and Toddler and Swim Australia Teacher Courses, and also complete the mandatory Joey Lingo™ course. Module exemptions will be made in areas that you’re qualified in, proof of qualifications will be needed during the pre-admission interview.

For more information, WhatsApp us at +65 8339 0048 or