Teachers: West

Eunice Thong B25.jpg

Teacher Eunice, 21

Patient, Dedicated, Flexible.

Hi, I'm Eunice! I’ve always been passionate about swimming and getting to teach this life skill to children and watching them progress in the water is really satisfying and special to me. I am passionate about working with students to help them achieve their goals and even though I am a qualified swimming instructor, I will continue to learn and adapt to different teaching environments. On top of providing fun and engaging lessons for my students, I'm committed to ensuring the safety of your child in the water. You can be assured that your child is in good hands with me!


Teacher Kamil, 34

Dedicated, Motivational, Patient.

I love teaching a life skill that I firmly believe everyone should know how to do. I love taking the time to get to know my students, to communicate with them and fully understand their strengths and weaknesses in water. I believe that everyone has different learning curves, and patience is really an important factor in teaching. It's the greatest feeling to see my students learning to swim and become confident in the water with my guidance. I show my students that learning to swim is a fun experience to be enjoyed and not feared, often reminding them that "Water is our friend."

“My son started as a complete beginner but his learning has been accelerated by Teacher Kamil’s patience and professionalism. Evidently, Teacher Kamil incorporates techniques suitable for early childhood education into every lesson and my son is learning so much from him! Thank you MantaPlay™ ❤” - Esther


Teacher LYNN, 41

Focused, Attentive, Engaging.

I’m a believer of lifelong learning through fun and laughter. Coaching is not all about imparting skills but also developing self confidence and unleashing individuals’ potentials. As a parent, I understand the needs of children and value the time spent with them. It is a joy to see children grow and be confident of themselves. Their smiles always give me a sense of fulfilment and motivates me as a coach.

“Lynn is very patient in teaching my son during his swimming lesson. He is now more confident when he is in the pool. He is also looking forward to his next lesson.” - Fiona

“My 5yo twin boys used to be afraid of the water. After only 4 lessons under Lynn, they are now much more confident when in the pool. Lynn’s patience and understanding for kids, other than her interesting ways of teaching my boys (using toys & props), are key contributors to my boys’ growing confidence.” - Kelvin

Sean Chua B25.jpg

teacher sean, 21

Patient, Outgoing, Enthusiastic.

I believe that swimming is an essential skill for everyone, and as someone who used to swim competitively, my personal goal is to put my knowledge to good use through teaching others. I strive to understand each of my students’ unique needs as best as I can, so that I can tailor my lessons to make them as effective as possible for your child, while also ensuring that they are both fun and organised for easy learning.

Lam Kwang Siang B25 Bio.jpg

Teacher Kwang Siang, 21

Lovable, Knowledgeable, Sincere.

I believe in the importance of water safety and, I think it's important for everyone to be equipped with the skill sets they need to be confident of themselves in the water. I have a special heart for children, and it's truly a happy honour for me to be able to teach them what I've learned and experienced of my time as a swimmer. I see kids as my friends, friends whom I'm dedicated and committed to helping as much as I'm able to.

Celine B30 Bio.jpg

teacher celine

Responsible, Patient, Professional.

Having enjoyed and still enjoying the health benefits of swimming for more than 30 years, I am keen to share its joys with others, young and old. Before being able to swim a stroke well, I firmly believe that one should learn water safety first. As a former teacher with more than 30 years of swim experience, I'm able to teach my learners to swim competently and safely with step-by-step and easy-to-follow instructions. Looking forward to meeting you!

Adriel B31 Bio.jpg

teacher adriel, 24

Jovial, Motivated, Easy-going.

Swimming is a life skill that I acquired at a very young age. After sustaining several injuries from NS and other exercises, I returned to swimming for rehabilitation and rekindled my passion for it. I absolutely love the sense of floating in the water, being weightless and free, and I feel that everyone should be able to experience that freedom. If you are interested in learning to swim, I would love to be your swim buddy!


teacher tabitha, 23

Fun, Enthusiastic, Awesome.

I love teaching and playing with kids, especially the younger ones! I believe that in order for these little cutie pies to learn, they have to be in a positive setting. So I create this setting by putting in a lot of fun, games, and laughter into my classes! I believe in every child's potential and I strive to bring out this potential with patience and encouragement. This style has proved very effective and I've seen tremendous improvements in all my students. Even those who started off with water phobia are now swimming like little fishes, and this gives me so much joy.