Why choose MantaPlay™?


Here's why MantaPlay™ is the perfect choice for you and your child!



1. australian-ACCREDITED SWIMMING specialists

As part of their certification process with Swimming Teacher Institute and the Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association (ASCTA), our teachers are all Australian-trained and certified, especially in teaching babies and toddlers. Our water safety and swimming teachers are highly educated and articulate, on top of that, they are also trained in water safety, lifesaving and first aid, so you never have to worry!

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2. first ever swim Teacher program for young children

Our teachers are also trained in Joey Lingo™ — the world’s first and only programme that integrates early childhood education with swimming, making our coaches highly proficient in connecting effectively with young children. In Joey Lingo™, our teachers learn basic childhood psychology and through case studies, games, and role play. They are equipped with the knowledge on how best to relate to and care for your child. We make our teachers “Firm, yet Children-Friendly”!



MantaPlay™ classes are intentionally designed to be compact and cosy. This allows our ASCTA-certified teachers to provide each student with dedicated, undivided attention. Smaller classes also allow our Joey Lingo™-equipped teachers to create a more personal experience and build a strong foundation of trust with your tiny tot.


4. convenience at your Fingertips

MantaPlay™ brings swimming teachers to you! You will be able to find a suitable match from our wide range of trained teachers


5. tested-and-proven progressive curriculum

MantaPlay™ offers a variety of swimming lessons for a variety of age groups! Each course is specially designed for a specific age group, to complement and match your child's capabilities as they grow and develop.

In addition, our courses are specially tailored by our Joey Lingo™-equipped swim teachers according to your child's individual needs. Our teachers take every care and concern to be guide your child through every step of the way in their personal journey from newbie to seasoned swimmer.


6. REWARD your chilD’s progress!

Every time your child attains a new level of swimming ability, they receive a certification of achievement. This not only gives them a sense of affirmation and accomplishment, it also helps you to track their development in their swimming journey.


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