Why MantaPlay


Reasons to Join Us



1. One-on-one attention for toddlers

Our classes are designed to be compact. This allows our teachers to provide dedicated attention to each student, making sure they’re safe and progressing well in class.


2. Stress-free environment

Your kids will be surrounded by friends of the same age and level of competency, guided by patient, fun-loving swimming instructors who are also trained in early childhood education. They will master new skills in a laid-back environment, and have a blast while they’re at it.


3. Easily accessible lesson updates

Through the MantaPlay™ app, you’ll be able to view the lesson plan for each session, track your child’s progress, and keep yourself updated at every step of the way.


4. Tailored swimming lessons

After completing a complimentary competency assessment, your child will be recommended to a suitable course by our trained instructors in Joey Lingo™, based on their age and skill level. Our instructors will also guide them in each class, tailoring their approach to the pace at which your child learns.


5. Expert certified instructors

Certified by the Swimming Teacher Institute and the Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association (ASCTA), our instructors are trained in Joey Lingo™. It is the world’s first and only swimming programme that integrates early childhood education, making our coaches highly proficient in teaching and connecting with children. On top of that, they are also experts in water safety, lifesaving and first aid, so your child will be in great hands!


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